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Read These La Vernia, TX Dentist Reviews For Dr. Mark A. Simmons

Another afternoon of delightful banter and cavity filling with my new friends at Dr. Simmons office. Although it is not the norm to look forward to a dental visit, I thoroughly enjoy my time with Dr. Simmons and his staff. He is not only a highly skilled care giver, his "chair-side manner" is great. Unlike in many dentist offices, his staff doesn't speak to each other as if the patient doesn't exist, they join in the discourse with the patient. This is much more like going to a relative's home for a Sunday afternoon visit than it is like an appointment at a dentist's clinic.

johnn, La Vernia

Always a pleasure


On time and a very professional visit


Dr. Simmons is a great dentist! Everyone on the staff were very pleasant and professional. I am going to recommend him to everyone I know who needs dental work.


Dr. Simmons and his team were great. They were able to accommodate my wife and two daughters at the same time. Making a lasting impression on my girls that dental hygien is not only a must but fun too. Thank you so much for your hospitality and professionalism.


I like how he works with me and my problem with impressions!


From the front office to the Dental Assistant and the Dental Hygienist, the staff was professional, personable and extremely upbeat. The "Doc" is technically very competent and an absolute "Pro" in his "Chair-side Manner". Dr. Simmons made each visit a positive experience to which I look forward, rather than dreading. I have another appointment in April and I am certain that it will also be more fun than one can normally expect at the dentist.


What a great experience at a DENTIST office!! So unexpected to be so relaxed! Thanks!!!


Great dentist! Very professional and honest


Great dentist and staff!! Very friendly!!


WOW!!! The staff and Dr. Simmons are wonderful! Friendly and professional, felt like I was with old friends, not a new patient. Dr. Simmons is kind, gentle and understanding. This the first time in a very long time I was comfortable with a dentist office! Thank you so very much!


The whole team is always so friendly!

Jodie O.

The nicest people!! Felt comfortable and well taken care.

Laura M.

Dental care was thorough and efficient and the staff is always friendly and helpful.

Glen C.

Cassie and the hygienist were excellent. They are a huge asset to the practice. I will refer your practice to anyone needing dental care.

Jacob J.

The nicest people!! Felt comfortable and well taken care.

Norma G.

Mark A. Simmons, D.D.S.
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