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The confidence created by a beautiful smile is an asset that can enhance the quality of your life in many different ways. La Vernia cosmetic dentist, Mark A. Simmons DDS, helps patients achieve their ideal smile by utilizing many different dental treatments available today. Through Dr. Simmons’ skills and expansive education, he offers patients exceptional restorations. We know that each patient has their own set of oral health and aesthetic goals, and we customize our treatment plans for each patient. With so many options in modern cosmetic dentistry, you can transform your smile quickly and affordably with choices of minimally invasive, conservative methods. 

Offering a wide range of dental procedures at our La Vernia cosmetic dental office enables Dr. Simmons to ease the embarrassment of stained, misaligned, or missing teeth with procedures that deliver functional smiles that are whiter and brighter. Currently, Dr. Simmons is offering teeth whitening through take-home kits provided by Opalescence. Many patients feel that the difference after a few weeks of whitening treatment is remarkable.

If your front teeth are chipped, our La Vernia cosmetic dentist offers both prep and no-prep veneers to restore your smile so it is both beautiful and natural in appearance. Veneers are also used when tooth discoloration is too great to be remedied by whitening kits. Patients like the option of no-prep veneers as this non-invasive restoration enables them to receive the ceramic sheet bonded to the front of the tooth without having to shave any of the natural tooth down first. 

Dr. Simmons also provides a number of restorative procedures, including composite fillings (tooth-colored fillings) and porcelain crowns, both of which are utilized to fix decayed or damaged teeth. Composite fillings and porcelain crowns are designed to match your existing tooth color as closely as possible so no one can tell that you have them.

For patients missing one or more teeth, Dr. Simmons recommends dental implants, partial dentures, immediate dentures, implant-supported dentures, or porcelain bridges. All of your options are fully explained to you at our La Vernia, TX dental office, so that you can make an informed decision with a clear choice as to which procedure is best for your particular needs.

Dr. Simmons restores dental implants with crowns or dentures and encourages patients seeking dental implants to come to him for implant planning. He then will refer patients to a well-trusted colleague for the surgical placement of the dental implant or implants. Once the implant (false tooth root) has healed and integrated into the jawbone, Dr. Simmons will complete the implant process by crowning the implant (with a dental crown) or securing dentures to the dental implants. Implant-retained dentures will stabilize the denture, making it possible for denture wearers to eat and chew all foods without having to worry about their dentures slipping out.

If you are searching for a cosmetic dentist in the La Vernia area, Dr. Simmons can help. Please contact us if you would like to schedule a cosmetic dentistry consultation today. 

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